Go from 'Part of the Pack' to Can't-Miss Thought Leader In Six Weeks or Less!
Do you want to become a dynamic voice in your industry?
Introducing the M3 Clarity Six-Week Sprint: the fastest, clearest way to break through the noise in your industry and build your reputation as a rising thought leader.
The M3 Clarity Six-Week Sprint can help you step out from the crowd in three key areas:
You may be wasting time, money, and energy not knowing how to articulate what really matters to you and
your audience!
Learn who your exact audience is, what they're like, and how they expect you to show up in their news feeds, inboxes, and media.
What does your audience need to hear from you? The M3 Clarity Six-Week Sprint will help you identify the specific Message your audience wants.
"I loved working on the M3 Clarity Six-Week Sprint. The program is set up so logically - from defining beliefs, to identifying audiences and their needs, to walking away with an actionable plan - that after my time in the program, I feel ready and able to take my speaking business to the next level. Working with Jon was a transformative experience. He is so supportive of my goals and provided me with helpful feedback and ideas. Throughout the experience I knew he was in my corner, cheering for my success. He's part of my team now, and that makes a big difference to me as an independent professional." - Manya C., Featured Speaker and Consultant
The M3 Clarity Six-Week Sprint has the power to help you:
  •  Create a passionate, intentional Manifesto to provide clarity and drive your influence and focus.
  •  Craft a powerful 'money statement' to clearly share what you do and why it matters.
  •  Identify your target audience with a detailed Audience Profile so you can know exactly who wants and needs to hear from you.
  •  Learn what your audience is craving so you can create an instant connection with the people you want to help.
  •  Assess the true quality of your current content so you can uplevel your videos, emails, and articles to better serve your audience.
  •  Explore the exact equation for creating powerful content that provides the most value to your audience.
  •  Determine which of the four content types is the best fit for your personality, your Message, and your audience. Spoiler alert: Video is not a great fit for everyone...and that's okay!
"The M3 Clarity Six-Week Sprint is just what the doctor ordered for aspiring and accomplished speakers, bloggers, coaches, consultants, anyone else looking to expand their reach. But it's not for the weak. Be prepared to be educated, challenged, and work your glutes off -- and in the end enjoy more clarity than you've ever had." - Marty R., Business Coach for Real Estate Specialists
LIVE Group Coaching Sessions = Can't-Miss Results
The M3 Clarity Six-Week Sprint is our LIVE group coaching experience jam-packed with an amazing amount of value. Weekly group video calls are 60 minutes long with a Q&A built into the format. Participants also get a one-to-one 30-minute Touchpoint Call with lead coach Jon Cook between group sessions.
State of the Thought Leader Assessment | Keynote Content with Jon Cook
Session 1: Intro + Thought Leadership Benchmarks
  • Live Coaching Content: Our first session is a high-level overview of the M3 Clarity framework. We'll talk about the current industry climates for speakers, coaches, consultants, trainers, and niche-focused thought leaders. We'll also talk through where you may be finding yourself 'stuck' as a thought leader. You will know what to expect for the following sessions and how you measure against several benchmarks of a true thought leader.
  • Action Step: Complete the State of the Thought Leader Assessment.
  • Mid-week Touchpoint Call: Review your notes and results from the State of the Thought Leader Assessment.
Session 2: Manifesto
  • Live Coaching Content: We'll focus on the power of a Manifesto compared to a mission statement. You will learn about the key ingredients for creating your own Manifesto to guide your business into the future. This will give you clarity, inspiration, and a trusty lens for evaluating your impact.
  • Action Step: Create the first draft of your new Manifesto using our Thought Leader Manifesto template.
  • Mid-week Touchpoint Call: Review and refine your new Manifesto.
Session 3: Market
  • Live Coaching Content: What's keeping your audience awake at night and why? Session 3 is a deep-dive into getting to know your audience better than they may even know themselves. You will start identifying the exact words, emotions, and experiences your audience is wrestling through before hearing your Message.
  • Action Step: Complete the Thought Leader Manifesto-to-Market Matrix.
  • Mid-week Touchpoint Call: Review your results from the Thought Leader Manifesto-to-Market Matrix.
Session 4: Brain Science-Based Persuasion With a Conscience
  • Live Coaching Content: How do you know what your audience is thinking? By understanding how the human brain is wired to receive influence. With great power comes great responsibility, which is why we carefully explore the four base chemicals our brains crave during Session 4. You will learn how to strengthen your Message without using manipulation or sales sleaze.
  • Action Step: Review our checklist "100 Words and Phrases Guaranteed to Strengthen Your Message as a Thought Leader".
  • Mid-week Touchpoint Call: Identify the top two brain chemicals your audience is wanting to experience and which product or service you can offer that will ethically deliver on what your audience desires from you.
The Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan | Keynote Content with Jon Cook
Session 5: Message
  • Live Coaching Content: How does your audience expect you to show up in their newsfeeds and inboxes? Your Message has the power to change someone's life. How do you know which content style is the right for your audience and your personality type? Session 5 focuses on assessing your current message quality and impact. You will learn the exact, proven steps for improving the quality and reach of your content to better serve your audience.
  • Action Step: Complete Parts 1-2 of the Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan.
  • Mid-week Touchpoint Call: Review your evaluation results and 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day steps from the Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan.
The Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan | Keynote Content with Jon Cook
Session 6: Solving Your Market's Problems
  • Live Coaching Content: Your audience needs to know how you can solve what's missing in their lives. How do they know the value you bring as a thought leader unless you consistently share your thoughts through great content? Session 6 is a get-stuff-done session where we talk through your next 90 days of creating content. What type(s) of content are you creating? Who's creating what? Where is it getting distributed? How are you tracking its impact?
  • Action Step: Implement action steps from your Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan to start creating your next 90 days of content.
  • Mid-week Touchpoint Call: Review your content progress and direction from your Thought Leader Messaging Action Plan.
When Does Our Next Sprint Start?
The next cohort for the next M3 Clarity Six-Week Sprint will start on
Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 and conclude on Wednesday, October 9th.
The group sessions will be on Wednesdays from 12:00-1:00 p.m. EDT.
What's the Cost to Get on the Fast Track?
Total Investment: $1,500 USD
By signing up for the M3 Clarity Six-Week Sprint, all of the templates, worksheets, resources, and our private Facebook group community are included with your one-time purchase. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchasing access or starting the Sprint, whichever comes first.
If you're serious about creating a powerful connection with
your audience as a thought leader in 2019 and beyond, this is your answer.

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